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    Institutional Vision

    Monitronic Success College is developing its capacity, resources and teaching/learning modes to attain international standards and become the first choice of students graduating from Namibian Secondary Schools. The college is partnering with the Public and Private sectors to develop job-ready graduates.

    Institutional Mission

    Monitronic Success College is a privately owned Institute of Higher Learning striving to provide quality education to Namibians, SADC and International students from different academic backgrounds without regards to race, creed, color, gender, age, origin or physical abilities, aiming to produce graduates that are equipped with knowledge and skills that are relevant to various sectors of the economy of the Republic of Namibia in line with the national goals of vision 2030 and other countries worldwide.


    Monitronic Success College Namibia was established in 1999 to assist in filling the void in the Higher Education sector in Namibia, SADC and Africa at large.  Since its inception, the College had been offering franchised qualifications mainly from the United Kingdom. It has diverse students from all cultures, countries and creed. Its main objective is to offer quality tertiary training to candidates who have finished formal school and equip them with skills relevant to the employment sector especially those who have secured 20 points and above at grade 12.  Monitronic Success College also provides National Vocational Qualifications certified by the Namibia Training Authority (NTA). It was recently offered full accreditation from Namibia Qualifications Authority to offer Namibian programmes.

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